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This item shipped quickly and is SUPER high quality — I was beyond impressed when I opened the package and saw how cushy the tissues were. Sewing on this set was perfect and I can’t wait to replace all the paper in my house now! Thank you for making such a wonderful product that’s so much fun + high quality!


I ordered the small pouch and the box and basket. Shipping to the US was much faster than expected. I’ve been using the tissues for a week now and I LOVE them! So soft and no dampness comes through. They washed well, too. I love the small pouch to carry with me when I’m out and about. I’m never going back to paper tissue!


bateau bateau mouchoirs lavables

These tissues really feel like a modern version of the handkerchief. They are so nice and soft, and the fabric box is beautiful!


These tissues are SO soft! They are softer than the softest paper tissues you can buy. I don’t think you could hurt your nose with them even if you tried.


Lifechanger! So soft. So much closer to being zero waste.


One of my favorite sustainable purchases so far. I was hesitant to make the swap to handkerchiefs, but this product has made it so easy.


bateau bateau mouchoirs lavables

Love these! I used to go through a lot of paper tissues due to allergies, and I felt bad about all the waste. These reusable tissues are perfect. They’re soft and thin, and they don’t bunch up or become misshapen in the washer/dryer. I just throw them in when I wash towels and socks, and they come out smooth and wrinkle-free. I found the folding instructions easy to follow. I like folding them so they pop out of the dispenser just like paper tissues. It has made the transition so easy! My mom visited me and loved the idea when she saw them. She said they seemed very “luxurious” and it must feel so nice to use fabric instead of paper!


Perfect, just what I was looking for! I wanted a replacement for paper tissues, I love that there is a holder and matching bin, nice that black is an option for the tissues. I really love the cute print as well. Fast shipping too:)


bateau bateau mouchoirs lavables

A simple way to be a bit more sustainable in your daily life. These handkerchiefs are SOOO much softer than tissues. They’re stronger and last much longer than a packet of tissues too. They are easy to clean and don’t lose any of their softness in the wash.


Very well made and the tissues are so soft! I love that this comes with a matching bin to put your dirty tissues in until it’s time to wash. Highly recommended!


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