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Family kit - 72 rolls, basket and waterproof bag - Geo black / Black

53.95$ +tx : Kit WITHOUT rolls

• 1 basket in geo black cotton with two snaps
• 1 waterproof bag in black PUL with zipper at the bottom of the bag and geo black flap with a press-stud
• 3 ties with snaps ti install them to your toilet

163.95$ +tx : Kit WITH rolls

• 72 white, black or half and half rolls : 36 white and 36 black
• 1 basket in natural cotton with two snaps
• 1 white PUL waterproof bag with zipper at the bottom of the bag and natural cotton flap with a snap
• 3 ties with snaps to install them to your toilet

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Product description

After more than a year of testing different fabrics, we have finally found the best roll of washable toilet paper ever!

Thick enough not to get your fingers wet.
With good hold.
As absorbent as a towel.

Our perfect roll is :

Made of knitted cotton with a brushed side, you have the choice to use the side you prefer. A luxury roll to wipe off! Especially if we compare it to paper toilet paper.


The same size as two sheets of disposable toilet paper, but 3-4 times thicker (if it’s not more). Gone are the days when you needed to wrap a mitt of toilet paper around you hand to gain thickness.
No more wasted paper (your cat will be disappointed).


We put in the washer, then in the dryer!
Moreover, the rolls form by themselves in the dryer. We just have to pick them up and put them away.


The fabric is made from 100% of organic cotton and is knitted and cut locally in Quebec (in Montreal).

You look good with the perfect roll in your hands, but where do you put it? And how do we arrange it?
As our tissues boxes and baskets, it took an ingenious and complete use system for the toilet.
So we invented it.


The system includes :
A fabric basket (2 floors) to store the rolls vertically
A waterproof bag with flap to store them

The two pieces are attached between the toilet tank and its lid to a tie with a knot. Everything can be “unsnapped” easily for washing and transporting them without having to remove the clips .

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