24-pack washable tissues - Blue water lilies / Cream

29.95$ + tx : Kit WITHOUT tissues

  • 1 large fabric box
  • 1 reversible fabric basket

63.95$ + tx : Kit WITH tissues

  • 24 white, black or made in Quebec tissues (+2$ + tx)
  • 1 large fabric box
  • 1 reversible fabric basket

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Product description

Main fabric : Blue water lily print on a mustard yellow background

Lining fabric : Cream

Please note that the pattern placement on the fabric and the real colors may be slightly different from the pictures.


Bateau bateau has reinvented the washable tissue!


Admit that the idea of ​​the handkerchief – a large square of cotton that our grandparents put back in their pocket is a bit outdated. Bateau Bateau wanted to contribute to rendering the idea of ​​washable tissues more modern, more fun and trendy, so that everyone wants to use them.

So our washables tissues are :

Super soft

Made of bamboo viscose and cotton, it has the perfect blend for it to be perfectly soft. Everything is carefully knitted to achieve a comfortable, cozy, and soft tissue. In fact, it’s a deluxe tissue experience for your nose! Especially compared to paper tissues.

Easy to care

Put it in the washer, then the dryer, and that’s all there is to it!

Similar to disposable tissues

We don’t want to disrupt our habits too much, so it is white (its natural color, in fact, without bleaching) and the same size as a disposable tissue, i.e. 19 x 20,3 cm (7,5” x 8”). Thus, you use it for only one “nose-blow”. It is cut simply, without an overlocking stitch, which means there is no hem or seam around it. So, in public, you will look like you are blowing your nose in a disposable tissue, rather than a cloth. But if you don’t mind the possibility of catching people’s attention, and you’d rather have them in black, that is also an option.

Organic & Ecofriendly

To be in line with his deep ecological values, Bateau Bateau has chosen to offer tissues made from 70% bamboo viscose – because bamboo is a renewable resource – and 30% organic cotton. Two entirely natural fibers, entirely OEKO-TEX certified and made in an eco-responsible factory, without chemical agents.

What is important to remember above all else, is that bamboo and cotton are plants that grow back quickly. We use plants to obtain fiber to weave, and not mature trees (to obtain pulp to make paper tissues).

You are ready to try Bateau Bateau washable tissus if you like :

  • Soft and comfortable things
  • Always have clean tissues on hand
  • When your tissues are thick enough to keep your fingers from getting wet.
  • To dab the inside of your nostril after blowing your nose
  • To save a lot of money in the long run

We’ve thought of everything to provide you with a complete and easy-to-use experience!

Try our complete tissue sets which include :

  • Our soft tissues
  • A nice fabric box to store them
  • A basket in matching fabric that we can leave beside our box, for disposing of the used tissues

Easy to use! Take a tissue from the box and blow your nose, put your used tissue in the basket and when the basket is full, put the contents in the washer without touching the tissues and wash.

Put the clean tissues back in the box, and repeat infinitely.

Everything has been thought of, down to the smallest details.

With that kit, everything is easy. Everything is right under your nose.

Everywhere. Always


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