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Washable toilet paper rolls - unique in the world
After more than a year testing different fabrics, we have finally found the best roll of washable toilet “paper” ever!

Thick enough not to get your fingers wet.
Easy to grip.
As absorbent as a towel.


I have reinvented the toilet paper roll!

True to the ingenuity of Bateau Bateau, we are presenting a new product that is unique in the world, as always without overlocking stitch (no hem or seams around the edge), and which does not fray!

« I wanted a roll that we would use differently than an ordinary toilet paper roll, without breaking our habits too much. I wanted sheets that didn’t have to be folded, snapped, or rolled up around a cardboard tube. I wanted something simple and effective, thick and absorbent. And I especially wanted them to roll up by themselves, so that we just had to take our individual rolls out of the dryer, to put them away in 3 seconds. »
– M.eve

Our perfect roll is:

Made of knitted cotton with a brushed side, so you have the choice to use wichever side you prefer. A luxurious roll to wipe with! Especially if we compare it to actual toilet paper.


The same size as two sheets of disposable toilet paper, but 3-4 times thicker (if not more). Gone are the days when you needed to wrap a mitt of toilet paper around your hand to gain enough thickness.
No more wasted paper (your cat will be disappointed).



Just put them in the washer, then in the dryer!
Moreover, the rolls form by themselves in the dryer. Just pick them up and put them away.



The fabric is made from 100% of organic cotton and is knitted and cut locally in Quebec (in Montreal).

You look good with the perfect roll in your hands, but where do you put it when you’re done with it? How do we dispense them?
We need a complete and ingenious toilet system.
So we invented it.

It’s very simple, the system consists of three easy steps :

Take a roll from the basket

We unroll it, wipe, and put it in the waterproof bag

Open the bottom of the bag in the washer

You don’t even have to touch the rolls in the third step. Let the rolls escape and wash everything (including the waterproof bag). Then put the rolls in the dryer to roll up on their own (they actually form into little scrolls).

The proof after the first washing of the sheets :

As you can see, the rolls are available in white or black for the same price!

The system includes :

A fabric basket (2 floors) to store the rolls vertically
A waterproof bag with flap to store them


The two pieces are attached between the toilet tank and its lid to a tie with a knot. Everything can be “unsnapped” easily for washing and transporting them without having to remove the clips.


Our baskets come in two sizes and each is designed to hold two tiers of vertical rolls.

The regular size can accomodate 36 rolls (2 layers of 18 rolls)
The family can accomodate 72 rolls (2 layers of 36 rolls) 

Our two-tier family basket :


Our waterproof bags are available in one size and can accomodate approximately 50 rolls. They include a cotton flap so as not to hermetically seal the bag and thus prevent bad smells, while “hiding” the contents. The bottom is made of waterproof PUL and includes a zipper to let the rolls easily escape into the washer without having to remove them from the bag by hand.

So, are you ready to try Bateau Bateau rolls?

Or are you ready to try the complete toilet system?

Yes! I prefer a complete set of 36 or 72 rolls with a basket and a waterproof bag!

The baskets and waterproof bags are only available in natural cotton and white PUL at the moment. Black geometric, white geometric and black&white chevrons will be available soon (February 2021).