The hankie that will confort you in your day-to-day life

WARNING! If the word “handkerchiefs” ever disgusts you, but you want to do your part for the environment without compromising your habits or your comfort, I believe my story may interest you.

Sometime during 2017, I was looking for the perfect hanky :
A soft, comfortable and absorbent handkerchief.
Thick enough to keep my fingers from getting wet when I blow my nose, but thin enough that I could dab the insides of my nostrils.
But nothing on the market met those requirements.
The handkerchiefs I found were either too thin in cotton, too thick in flannel, not absorbent enough, a bit uncomfortable and too large – so not so hygienic.
So, I started some research to find the perfect fabric for hankies…
And I have found it.

I have reinvented the handkerchief.

I’ll admit something to you : I found the idea of big cotton square that our grandparents used yucky.
I wanted to contribute to rendering the idea of a handkerchief more modern, more fun and trendy, so everyone wants to use them.
So, my perfect hanky is:

Made of bamboo viscose and cotton, it has the perfect blend for it to be perfectly soft. Everything is carefully knitted to achieve a comfortable, cozy, and soft tissue. In fact, it’s a deluxe tissue experience for your nose! Especially compared to paper tissues.


We don’t want to disrupt our habits too much, so it is white (its natural color, in fact, without bleaching) and the same size as a disposable tissue. Thus, you use it for only one “nose-blow”. It is cut simply, without an overlocking stitch, which means there is no hem or seam around it. So, in public, you will look like you are blowing your nose in a disposable tissue, rather than a cloth. But if you don’t mind the possibility of catching people’s attention, and you’d rather have them in black, that is also an option.



Put it in the washer, then the dryer, and that’s all there is to it!


I wanted it to be made in a way that is consistent with my deep ecological values, so I have chosen to make them from organic cotton and bamboo viscose, because bamboo is a renewable resource. Two entirely natural fibers, entirely OEKO-TEX certified, and made in an eco-responsible factory, without chemical agents. 

What is important to remember above all else, is that bamboo and cotton are plants that grow back quickly. We use plants to obtain fiber to weave, and not mature trees to obtain pulp to make paper tissues (which are then discarded after a single use, as well).

Since their release in 2018, thousand of people have noticed the difference after changing to Bateau Bateau hankies.
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Suuuper soft!! I’ll never go back to paper tissues again.
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Thank you Bateau Bateau for existing. Thanks to my tissues, I can get through my cold without ripping my face off and looking (too much) like a zombie. They are soft, no nose irritation/roughness/dryness/anything
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They have phenomenal softness! The quality is excellent.
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The tissues are just perfect. I expected good quality, but I am even more satisfied than I would have thought!
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If you try them, you will adopt them! I gave them to my mother who adores them too. 🙂 Very soft fabric and easy to maintain.

Just like them, you are ready to try Bateau Bateau hankies if :

  • You also want the perfect reusable tissues.
  • You like soft and comfortable things.
  • You like when your tissues are thick enough to keep your fingers from getting wet.
  • You like to dab the inside of your nostril after blowing your nose.
  • You want to save a lot of money in the long run.
You look good withe the perfect hanky in your hands, but it is not so chic to have piles of used hankies scattered about the house.
And it’s great to blow your nose into the perfect hanky, but it’s not so practical to walk to the bathroom or the laundry hamper to dispose of your used hanky. Every. Single. Time.
I quickly realized that we need more than just a perfect hanky.
We need a complete and ingenious system.
So I invented it.
bateau bateau


It’s very simple. The system consists of three easy steps :

Take a tissue from the box and blow your nose

Put your tissue in the basket

Put the contents of the basket in the washer

You don’t even have to touch your used hankies in the third step; just turn the basket upside down. Of course you can wash the basket, too (it’s cloth!). Put the clean hankies in the dryer, then put them back in the box, and repeat infinitely! Perhaps you are wondering how you can fold them to auto-dispense like a box of disposable tissues? We’ll cover that a little later.

For the system to be perfect, clearly two essential items would need to be offered with the hankies :

A nice fabric box to store them
A practical basket in matching fabric
that we can leave beside our box, for disposing of the used hankies

It is a complete set, a complete kit.
And everything has been thought of, down to the smallest details.

With these kits, everything is easy.
Everything is right there under your nose.
Everywhere. Always.

Simply place a box in every important room of the house.
Wherever you most often tend to blow your nose.

The boxes come in two sizes, so they can accommodate 12 or 24 tissues.
So, you can place kits of 12 in your bedrooms, and kits of 24 in central rooms.

Will you choose a colorful kit to make a nice accent, or a more neutral kit to blend in with your decor?

Today, these kits (box, basket, and soft hankies) are the characteristic unique offering from Bateau Bateau, and people adore the concept :

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I am in love. I adore the concept of the container beside it that lets you store the tissues until you wash them.
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Wow!!! This is magnificent and the quality is impeccable!! I recommend them!
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I was completely charmed by the Bateau Bateau kits for introducing me to reusable tissues! I have been using them for a while now and I'm not at all disappointed!
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High-quality and very beautiful products. I adore and highly recommend.
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Absolutely perfect. Everyone at home immediately adopted them. The little basket right beside them and their softness make all the difference. No tissues lying around.

So, if like me, you are bothered :


that your nose and your upper lip get really irritated when you blow your nose with paper tissues.


that yous children waste 8 tissues on barely even wiping their nose.


to find a million paper crumbs throughout your washer because you forgot a paper tissue in your pocket.


that your paper tissues stick to you and shred when you wipe yourself off after a little intimacy.


by dust from paper tissues, especially when you’re cleaning your glasses.


by constantly buying boxes of tissues.


by constantly throwing away tons of tissues.


by cutting down trees to create your tissue, just to throw it away after a single use.

Then you are ready to try Bateau Bateau hankies.

But maybe not…? Perhaps you are saying to yourself :
“I’m not there yet”
“Ick, no, that’s gross”
“My father/grandfather used that; it nauseates me just to think of it”.
“It’s complicated, washing them.”
“It’s too much trouble for me.”
“It’s not much more ecological with all the water it takes to wash them.”

If this sounds like you, it’s quite normal to have this reaction. Maybe this is a very new concept to you; perheps you have had bad experiences with something similar in the past; maybe you read some mistaken information somewhere. This is a completely normal reaction to protect you from the unknown.

But if you have read this far, you have undoubtedly understood that my perfect hankies are very different from what you are familiar with, and the advantages easily outweigh any disadvantages you can think of.

“I’m not there yet; it’s gross.”

What is it that’s gross? Blowing your nose? You do that anyway.
Putting used tissues in the washer? Isn’t your washer already cleaning sheets from bedwetting accidents, mildewy rags, stinky socks, and the dirtiest underwear?
It’s already washing the snot from your children’s sleeves. It even washes cloth diapers. Just where on a scale of “dirtiness” hankies really lie. And if your washer doesn’t wash your underwear well, you probably should doubt your appliance’s efficacy.

“My father/grandfather used this; it nauseates me just to think of it.”

Did he blow his nose, and then stick his big, checkered, cotton handkerchief back into his pocket?
No, up his sleeve!?
And out it came again so he could blow his nose in another corner? And thus probably plunging his hand into his not-yet-dried snot from 10 minutes ago? Is this what grosses you out?
Yeah, actually, it nauseates me just thinking about it, too. But my soft reusable tissues are intended for a single use. Blow your nose, then dispose of the tissue in the basket. You don’t jam it back into your pocket to blow your nose in it again later! You just take another, completely clean tissue from the pretty box.

“It’s complicated, too much trouble, not ecological in any way.”

You really think this is true?
Then why are you wearing washable clothes? Wouldn’t it be easier just to throw away your underwear and socks after using them?
Please know that Bateau Bateau hankies require no more effort than washing your underwear or your rags. Just put them all in the same loead anyway. They are safe for the washer and dryer, and do not require any special or fancy detergents.
As for the non-ecological aspect, such as thinking it takes a lot more water to wash them, don’t forget that it also takes WAY MORE water to manufacture the disposable tissues you blow right through! And because you don’t need to run a special load of hankies, you aren’t using any extra water; you’re washing the same number of loads you would have anyway.

“Ok, but it’s clearly more expensive than a box of disposable tissues.”

I hear this a lot. So, let’s break down the price :
>>  How much would you pay for a soft, comfortable, infinitely reusable handkerchief?
3$ to 5$?
(If we’re honest, that’s often the price of cotton handkerchiefs)
I’ll give it to you for $1.75.
In fact, I’ll give you 12 for $20!

If you do the math, that’s less than $1.75 each.


>>  How much would you pay for a nice cloth storage box and basket…
…that can be washed, and will last for years! Sewn in Canada by women who are part of an enterprise school for professional integration?
About $20 for the box + $20 for the basket?
So, $40?
I’ll give you both for $30.
($28 if it’s a box for 12, because this is a little smaller and requires a little less fabric)
And you know what?
I’d do the entire kit (box, basket, and 12 tissues), for $43.95!

If you do the math, this would normally be $48 ($20 for the tissues + $28 for the kit), but as a trio, it’s an even better deal. Yes, it’s like a fast-food combo meal!

The same goes for the larger kit (box, basket, and tissues) for $63.95 (instead of $70)!
A bargain!

And once it's done, you'll never need to buy tissues again in your life!

You’re still here!
Oh me? I was just outside, with my travel pouch for taking my perfect hankies with me!

The pouch is also well thought out!

It is a completely unique design

It’s a double pouch, so I can put my clean hankies in the top and my used ones in the botton, which is lined with PUL (PUL is an impermeable fabric that makes sure the mucus doesn’t pass through; moreover, it’s made from recycled plastic bottles).
For outings, for school, for travel between home and the office.
This way, you always have a perfect hankie on hand!
Oh, so you’re still here because I told you I would show you how to interlace-fold your tissues in your box, so they will auto-dispense? Voilà!
PS. If you have any questions still unanswered, even after all that, your answers are probably in the FAQ. If not, I generally respond to everything (that has to do with my products or Bateau Bateau); you merely have to contact me!