They love our tissues


Bateau Bateau is the pioneering Quebec company in the offer of washable bamboo-cotton handkerchiefs. Following their market entry in 2018, the company has become a benchmark for its fluffy and cozy handkerchiefs, reminiscent of disposable handkerchiefs.

With it’s unique innovative system in the world, which includes a tissue box to store clean tissues and a basket for disposing of used tissues, they will facilitate your transition to a more ecological lifestyle.

bateau bateau

The ideal handkerchief kit to smoothly ease into zero-waste living.

bateau bateau

When most people think of a washable tissue, they think of a big, cotton handkerchief (maybe even vintage and fringed in lace!). You blow your nose, then fold it up and put it in your pocket to reuse later. I wanted to update this old-school handkerchief concept into a more modern and fashionable product.